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Do you struggle with symptoms of post-traumatic stress, such as: flashbacks, nightmares, panic attacks, uncontrollable anger/emotions, dissociation, etc. ?

Are you recovering from a substance addiction?

A first stage treatment for trauma, if done effectively, should focus exclusively on safety and stabilization. This is not typically a simple or easy process, and is often complicated by the comorbidity of a substance abuse disorder. Many treatments try to separate these problems, when in fact they act in unison, and should be addressed as such. 

Seeking Safety is an empirically validated treatment that not only works as a first stage trauma treatment, but takes into account the prevalence of concurrent substance abuse as well. This programming can be delivered in the form of individual therapy, or in group format.

You need not be a survivor of intimate partner violence, have a substance addiction, or be diagnosed with PTSD to take part in this program. All that we ask is that you have been connected with some form of individual therapy prior to entering a group setting.

Seeking Safety is explicitly not an exposure trauma therapy, therefore we do not go into detail about our traumas in group. Being a first stage treatment, the idea is to first stabilize and find safety, and the research shows it is ineffective to discuss the details of trauma during this process. This program is very present- and future-focused!

Example Topics:


Taking Back Power

Detaching from Emotional Pain


Healing from Anger

Creating Meaning

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