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An Emergency Intervention Order (EIO), made under the Intimate Partner Violence Intervention Act of NB, can be used by someone experiencing intimate partner violence. These orders contain temporary conditions designed to enhance the safety of victims. An example of a provision in an order may be for applicant to temporarily stay in the family residence (apartment, house, mobile home, etc.) while the partner
(respondent) must move out. There are many possible provisions in an order, and each order will vary based on the applicant's needs.


EIOs are intended for situations where intimate partner violence has occurred or is likely to occur, and the situation is serious enough to require an immediate response. Our EIO training course will ensure you have the knowledge necessary to be a designated assister to those seeking an EIO.


*Note: this training is only available to those who qualify as designated assisters as per NB law. (Police, Domestic Violence Outreach, Transition House Crisis Interveners, Second Stage interveners, Victim Services, Department of Social Development Social Workers)

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