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KVDVO Update

Hey all! It has been so long since I have taken the time to update the website. I'm supposed to be working on my annual statistics right now so, no better time to do literally anything else.

I thought it might be nice to update our followers on what we have been up to since our incorporation in 2017. Between myself on the front line with clients and my amazing board members I can proudly say we have accomplished so much as a new, non-profit organization.

Speaking of stats - since I started seeing clients about a year and a half ago, I have received 111 referrals! We have had the opportunity to help so many women thus far. As is the cycle of violence, some stay in the relationship, some leave and return a number of times, but I can happily say I've seen a number of my clients successfully break the cycle and move forward, which is so rewarding. I could never do this without the help of my community partnerships, like the KV Police and Second Stage Safe Haven.

Did you know that the greatest risk of violence and homicide is actually immediately after a woman leaves her abuser? Since opening up shop we have seen the introduction of new provincial legislation, the Intimate Partner Violence Intervention Act, which gives us the opportunity to help clients apply for Emergency Intervention Orders to help protect them and their children through the process of leaving their abusive relationship. This has been such a valuable tool and I'm so glad New Brunswick has followed suit with other Canadian provinces in its implementation.

Responding to this huge societal problem is a large part of our organization and mandate, however we also work hard to be proactive and preventative in our work. I can take next to no credit for this, but my incredible board members have worked so hard to have Healthy Relationships Programming introduced into the 8th grade curriculum across Anglophone South School District, in partnership with Public Health! We have been in different schools presenting on this topic a number of times, sometimes for one hour and sometimes over a course of months, and we recognized a huge need for this. This pilot has been rolling out very successfully and we are extremely proud of it! If you have any questions about this, please contact Ann Hogan.

Continuing on the topic of prevention, we also continue to run a number of educational groups for women a couple times a year, usually spring and fall. One of our more frequent and requested programs is Healthy Relationships for Women. We will be running a couple of these beginning mid-May, one exclusive to Probations clients and one open to registration. We have spots available, so please head over to our programs page or email me if you would like to attend. We also continue to run our Trauma group - there will be one in the fall, and we tested out a Self Esteem program in the Spring, and would happily run this again with enough interest.

We have also run panels at local high schools concerning teen dating violence with parents and teachers. We have presented on our organization to community partners to spread awareness, attended a number of networking events, conferences, and trainings, and do all that we can to foster prevention and spread awareness. Keep your eye out around the valley for our spiffy new road signs!

I suppose I should toot my own horn and mention that I was recently conferred my Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology. I completed my practicum at KV Psychology - I am eternally grateful to them and would recommend their team to anyone in need of mental health support. I am very interested in and enjoy working with trauma. I look forward to furthering my training in this area and being able to offer enhanced support and intervention to my clients.

We also have our high school resource challenge coming up in May - Sexual Assault Awareness Month! Stay tuned for more on this.

I could go on and on about everything that this incredible organization has accomplished, but at this point I'm just avoiding my dreaded stats form. I hope this update was informative and gives you a glimpse at what we are up to behind the scenes at KVDVO!

Never hesitate to reach out with any questions!

- Angela

Ps. If you see a crazy woman throwing a desktop computer out of the second storey window at the Rothesay Town Hall, my stats form crashed again, and I could probably use a coffee.